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What Is Glass Hair and How Do I Get It?

Image | Marie Claire

What’s ‘glass hair’? Only the ultimate in sleek shiny smoothness paired with a haircut so sharp it’d make your neck bleed. All the while styled to polished perfection. Basically, it’s hair that looks like it was cut from a sheet of glass, but has the sleek movement of a silk tassel. It’s gorgeous and we’re seeing it everywhere now. Originally seen on the Kardashians; first Kim K, then Khloe and so on, this is not a style for the faint hearted. It screams confidence while definitely implying high maintenance.

So what’s the trick? Celebrity hair stylist Chris Appleton comments “For me, getting an intense shine was [a] really important part of our look” in reference to Kim Kardashian’s inspo worthy glassy bob. Glass hair is all about shine and smoothness so frizz is its mortal enemy. You’ll also need to ensure your hair is in tip top shape to begin with, as split ends and chemical damage are definite barriers to achieving this style, so a few home treatments might be in order. It also works best when styled on a freshly cut blunt bob and typically seen with a centre part to give it that glass-like symmetry.

Photo | OliviaCulpo

How to Achieve Glass Hair:

  1. First shampoo hair twice and condition the lengths and ends. This will ensure no residual product or oil buildup is sitting in the hair and it’s impeccably clean and hydrated.

  2. Next, towel dry the hair and, while hair is still damp, you need to apply a humidity blocking smoothing lotion, cream or spray. If you want Kardashian level glassiness then you need this product: Colour Wow Dreamcoat spray. You saturate your hair in sections with the spray then comb through to ensure all the hair follicles are evenly coated with it.

Colour Wow Dreamcoat spray

  1. Now blow-dry the hair in sections using a bristle brush to add tension and a nozzle on the drier to achieve smoothness.

  2. Lastly, for a perfectly flat smooth result, flat iron the hair in sections using the bristle brush to comb through the hair below the iron to add tension on the section and get ultimate smoothness.

  3. To finish: lightly spritz your hair with a shine spray (you don’t want to weigh it down) and then spray your bristle brush with a lightweight hairspray and brush that through lengths and ends. If your hair cut is a few weeks old or your ends are looking a bit dry and damaged, try the Moroccanoil Mending Infusion serum to smooth and hydrate. It’s amazing at disguising damage and giving the hair a silky freshly cut look. I apply it through the ends of the hair with my hands and then brush through the ends again with my bristle brush.

Moroccanoil Mending Infusion serum

Check out the video below to see how the Colour Wow Dreamcoat spray works!

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