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My Mens Makeup Routine

I get asked more often than anything else what makeup I use on myself, so here it is in all it’s glory. I feel like, from a makeup artist’s point of view at least, this is relatively uncomplicated and fairly speedy. Although it may look like a lot of products for a quick routine, each one is very fast to apply and now that I have it down to a very fine art I can be ready in well under 5 minutes. Obviously all my skin care was applied prior to this. And I'll be doing a seperate post on that soon. Full disclosure: None of the is sponsored in any way. Some of these products were originally sent to me to try but all of them have earned an honest place in my kit because I genuinely love them and is 100% what I currently use and would repurchase.

1.Brighten & Tighten - Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

This is the ultimate pick-me-up for tired looking skin. It hydrates and sort of tightens the skin and just makes me look rested and glowing without leaning towards shimmery. I smooth it on in an upward motion working from centre to edges of face. It is technically has makeup priming qualities as well but I usually follow up with the second step just for safety (read: obsessiveness).

2. Primer - Smashbox Photofinish Primer Light

I’ve used this primer since I started doing makeup 10 years ago and it works well for me so I haven’t changed it. I have oily skin so it helps keep that under control while helping to keep my makeup on longer without dreaded signs of wear. I also prime under my eyes using their aptly named Under Eye Primer.

3. Bronzer - Dr Hauschka Transclucent Bronzing Tint

Ok! This is the product I’ve been most excited to tell you about. I’ve been using it for something like 12 years (it has been reinvented a few times I think) and I couldn’t live without it. I don’t use it every day; only on days where I’m looking a little pale but on such a day it’s a Godsend. It’s a translucent liquid (so no ‘coverage’ as such) but it gives the skin a gorgeous thin veil of the most perfectly bronze tint imaginable. I usually actually mix it with my primer and apply to face and neck. It's not a semi-permanent tan; it washes off with your makeup.

4. Concealer - MAC Select Cover Up Concealer

I used to use a Biotherm Homme under eye concealer that was honestly like witch craft and then they discontinued it and I mourned it for months and then went back to my MAC select cover up which I love. I apply a tiny amount under the inner half of my under eye and into the inner corners of the eye (either side of the nose) where it’s dark with a fluffy round eyeshadow brush (like the MAC #224 brush). I adore the medium coverage and the way it mimics the texture of good skin really well. However, I have also heard that this too is being discontinued so they had better bring out something just as good or better or I’ll have an absolute meltdown. I have been told that the Select Moisturecover is supposed to be very similar.

5. Powder - Smashbox Halo Hydrating Mineral Powder

I don’t use a liquid foundation on my skin so this is my foundation step and it takes seconds to apply. I use a big round kabuki brush and buff it into my face and neck. Done.

6. Contour - Smashbox Contour Palette

I live for a soft contour and the power it has to change the shape of your face. I use a very old MAC blush brush which I squeeze slightly to get a flatter top to it and then carve out under my cheekbone to create the illusion of a stronger shadow. I also apply this to my temple and around my hairline to narrow this area, as well as either side of the nose and under my jawline. It’s very soft and natural but the effect is something I‘m addicted to. I mix the contour and bronze shades together for the contouring, and then I use a touch of the highlight shade on top of my concealer to brighten.

7. Brows - Benefit Gimme Brow

This product is exactly what I want in a brow product. I don’t like overly sharp drawn on brows but I do like groomed definition. I start by brushing them up with a clean mascara wand and then apply the gimme brow by brushing in the same direction. It fills the brows in without creating severe definition. I do use it more strongly to emphasise my arch as I don’t naturally have one, although I do get my brows lightly feather touch tattooed at Lash Noir annually to help this. Other than that, no one touches my brows - I just pluck any stray hairs on a weekly basis.

8. Spritz - usually MAC Fix + (or at the moment MAC Charged Water Skin Hydrating Mist)

I spritz my skin just to take away some of that flat (I just applied my makeup) look and give my skin a soft and natural healthy sheen. I don’t personally notice that this “sets” your makeup at all but I use it a lot on myself and in my kit to give the skin life and an all-over healthy glow.

And there you have it! It may sound longer than I promised but really each step is the work of moments (the most time consuming step is probably the contour) and I promise I can now do this in under 5 minutes. Although this is a male makeup routine, it would be equally appropriate for anyone; girls could just add a coat of mascara and a touch of blush for a very quick and natural routine.

If you have any questions or any comments or want to let me know some of your favourite products, hit me up on Instagram!

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