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My Evening Skin Care Routine

I’ve had a lot of requests for an honest rundown of what I use on my skin, so here it is: completely honest and exactly what I currently use in the evening before bed (check out my previous post for the morning version). Also if you're interest in my makeup routine, check out the post for that here. Some of these products were originally sent to me to try and others I have paid for myself but all of them I’ve chosen to use consistently and will continue to use after they run out because they work so well for me.

Before bed I usually like to have a chamomile tea for most of the year, or just a glass of filtered water during the rare warm months! After that I begin my evening skin care routine

1.Cleanse - Dermalogica PreCleanse Balm and Dermal Cleansing Clay

I’ve been double cleansing my skin for years and I can tell you, it makes a big difference to the health of your skin. An oil based cleanser dissolves all the dirt, sunblock and makeup on your skin, which you can then wash away, allowing your regular cleanser to deeply clean your actual skin rather than just removing what’s sitting on top. It is the one thing do fastidiously without fail and cannot remember the last time I went to bed without cleansing my face properly. I like this oil balm version because I use it in the shower so it's easier but if you prefer a liquid they have that option as well.

2. Exfoliate & Masque - homemade!

I got addicted to charcoal masques fairly early on in the trend and they have remained a firm favourite for me. The best I’ve found and what I do twice a week is I mix 2 emptied capsules of activated charcoal with 1 pump of my dermalogica dermal cleansing clay and then just apply to skin for 10-15 mins (or until it dries). If you don't want to buy a new cleanser, you can also use a regular non-clay based cleanser and just add 1tsp of cosmetic clay powder from a health food supply store (same place you'd find the charcoal) when you mix it up. When you wash it off, your skin will be so soft and smooth and decongested. In the last 5 mins I mix up another capsule with Sensodine whitening toothpaste and pat it onto the surfaces of my teeth to lift any stains. Be careful not to brush with it as it’s very abrasive, just pat it on, leave for 5 mins, and rinse off by swirling water around in your mouth, then brush your teeth as normal.

3. Toner - Jurlique Herbal Recovery Mist

I change my toner between brands after I finish a bottle but this is what I’m currently using and I love the scent of it. It’s so soothing and hydrating, just 3 spritzes is enough.

4. Night Cream - Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon

This was a game changer for me when I tried it. The smell of lavender is unparalleled which is instantly relaxing and it gives me great hydration without being heavy. It has a similar texture to my day cream but slightly more rich and heavenly scented. Before this I was using a rosehip oil (Trilogy) every night for years in place of a night cream.

As I mentioned last time; in all honesty and fairness I do also get regular botox treatments (I go to Clinic 42 in Epsom) to keep my face wrinkle free and have been doing so for a few years now! I don’t get regular facials (I’d love to) but tend to manage my skin care pretty well at home with regular masques, exfoliation, and thorough cleansing morning and night without fail.

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