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My Morning Skin Care Routine

I’ve had a lot of requests for an honest rundown of what I use on my skin, so here it is: completely honest and exactly what I currently use every morning (night time rundown coming up next!). Some of these products were originally sent to me to trial and others I have paid for myself but all of them I’ve chosen to use consistently and will continue to use after they run out because they work so well for me.

When I first wake up I like to drink 500ml of water (filtered for preference), sometimes hot with lemon, but usually chilled. And I take a probiotic and a sachet of lypospheric vitamin C with it before I begin my morning skin care routine.


1.Cleanse - Dermalogica Dermal Cleansing Clay

I cleanse my face in the shower with 1/2 a pump of the cleansing clay, after opening up my pores with the warmth of the water. I love the fresh tingly sensation of it from the menthol and, because my face is oily, I find this gives me a really deep clean. I’ve used this on and off for a number of years but always end up going back to it. Cleansing is and always has been my favourite step of my skin care routine. You don't need heaps of product but make sure you gently massage the cleanser over the skin for a good 30 seconds; most people don't cleanse for long enough.

2. Toner - Jurlique Herbal Recovery Mist

I change my toner between brands after I finish a bottle but this is what I’m currently using and I love the scent of it. It’s so soothing and hydrating, just 3 spritzes over the face and then pressed in with your palms is enough. I don't like toners that are astringent and require a cotton pad to wipe on etc. I like hydrating spritz toners that gently nourish and moisturise.

3. Moisturiser - Dermalogica Calm Water Gel

I fell in love with this a few months ago when it launches and I’ve now just finished my second tube. It’s exceptionally light in texture to the point where I was sure it was going to be too light and yet it actually keeps my skin extremely well moisturised for the entire day without feeling greasy. I press a large pea sized amount into my skin while it’s still damp from the mist toner and smooth on it light upward strokes.

4. Eye Cream - Smashbox Under Eye Primer

So while technically more of a makeup/priming step I thought I would include it here as otherwise people would ask why I didn’t apply an eye cream. It has the texture of a hydrating eye cream and also helps to brighten while prepping and priming for makeup. Don't apply eye cream to your eyelids if you're going to apply eye makeup after (you shouldn't need to anyway unless you have eczema), it really only should be applied in the under eye socket area.

5. Body - Vaseline Intensive Care Coca Glow Lotion

Although my face is oily, my body is very dry and this is the only body lotion I’ve ever tried that isn’t super expensive which lasts all day on me. I love the texture, it absorbs fast and it smells nice. I’ve been using it for years and I go through about a big pump bottle every 3 weeks!

A note on sunblock. For my job I’m rarely out in the sun and I don’t often have a significant commute in the car, plus it’s winter here at the moment, so I’m not currently using an spf on a daily basis. However, I’m very aware of sun exposure and limit it where I can in NZ because our sun is horrifically strong and damaging. In the warmer months where it’s stronger and I’m travelling outside more for work and on longer journeys, I absolutely wear an spf daily on my face. Dermalogica Oil-Free Matte Block is the one I like because it doesn’t feel thick and greasy.

In all honesty I do also get regular botox treatments (I go to Clinic 42 in Epsom) to keep my face wrinkle free and smooth and have been doing so for something like 7 years now! I consider it a long term investment in the appearance of my skin and I know that some people still have reservations but from research I've looked at it's one of the safest cosmetic procedures you can have done and in my experience nothing has ever gone wrong or given me any undesirable effects. Just don't take nurofen or drink alcohol 48 hours before your appointment to avoid bruising. If you want more info on Botox, check it out here

I do all of my exfoliation and masques etc at night so I’ll give you the rundown of that up next! Also check out my makeup routine rundown too but if you have any requests, head on over to instagram and hit me up on the DMs!

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