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The Key Step your Skincare Routine is Missing

There is a crucial step that comes before cleansing your face that if you're not doing currently you definitely should start: it's pre cleansing. I have been a fan of the Double Cleanse for along time. I passionately swear by it, in fact. Since I’ve been double cleansing my skin has been so much clearer and more balanced and now I just can’t imagine my skin care routine without it.

For those who don't know, Double Cleansing is a term championed by Dermalogica which refers to cleansing the skin twice: first with an oil cleanser, and then with your regular facial cleanser. The idea behind this is that the oil cleanser breaks down all the dirt, makeup, sebum, sunscreen and dead skin cells that have built up throughout the day, and then your regular facial cleanser can deeply clean your skin without having to try to break through everything on the surface as well. This of course means you get a much more thorough clean but it also means that the moisturiser or serum you use afterwards can penetrate much deeper too.

PreCleanse oil was the hero of Double Cleansing and now they’ve launched its cousin this month, PreCleanse Balm. It’s a rich balm that activates on contact with water, transforming into an oil which then dissolves all the dirt and impurities on the surface of your skin. You then rinse that away and cleanse with your regular cleanser (I normally use Dermal Clay Cleanser but have recently been trying Special Cleansing Gel). The PreCleanse Balm also comes with a cleansing mitt that has little soft rubber spokes on it to help get your skin clean as clean as possible without irritating it.

This will be life changing for people who wear heavy coverage/long-wear or waterproof makeup which doesn’t always come off completely with a regular cleanse. After a few weeks of double cleansing you will notice a huge difference in your skin. Brides getting married this season; start this and your makeup artist will love you on the big day.

There’s also a mini facial you can stop in and treat yourself to at Dermalogica counters called the FaceFit treatment; a really good deep cleanse using the new PreCleanse Balm and an ultrasonic brush. It only takes 10 minutes and retails for $15. I left feeling like I’d just had a full facial, it was incredible.

Before being treated to a FreshFit facial at Dermalogica, Smith & Caugheys Queen St

Which is better: PreCleanse oil or PreCleanse Balm?

PreCleanse oil would be better for normal to oily skins, whereas the balm is designed for normal to dry. I’m very accustomed to the oil but I like the balm is a bit more user friendly if you use it in the shower as well as for travel.

But it’s an oil - won’t that make me break out? Actually because it’s oil based it’s able to break down stubborn makeup and sunblock that is water resistant and give you a better clean. This will help to keep pores unblocked and actually reduce breakouts.

PreCleanse Balm comes in a 90mL tube with a cleansing mitt and retails for $75.

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