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Wake up to luscious lips!

It’s often said that the eyes are the first areas of the face to start showing sign of ageing; however the lips can be equally as rapid in the ageing process.

Our lips don’t have oil and sweat glands like the rest of our skin to keep them hydrated, which is why they dry out and crack. There’s also a lot of movement around this area when we talk, kiss, eat, and drink (especially though straws) etc. All this movement along with the lack of natural moisture causes the formation of vertical lines above the upper lip, sagging in the perioral region and feathering radiating from the lip to become more pronounced over time.

Dermalogica has just launched a new Nightly Lip Treatment, to help with this issue. Winter is a particularly bad time for the attack of dry lips and although I’m about to take off overseas (yay), I’m packing this guy in my carry on to see me through the dreaded long haul flight!

Nightly Lip Treatment contains key ingredients like: Indian Gentian Extract, sesame seed, and shea butter

It’s a preventative and corrective product for the lips and the surrounding area, and acts to firm, hydrate and restore the skin’s natural lipid barrier. Just apply after cleansing and toning, and use the special cooling metal applicator to massage Nightly Lip Treatment on and around the lip area by using circular motions. Why at night? Because the skin naturally regenerate’s itself during sleep

If you want to go a step further to get that immediate boost, you can also book in for a Lip Smoothing FaceFit (a 10 minute targeted treatment) at Dermalogica counters which will set you back an easy $15.

Available from June 16th 2017

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