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The new Duo for Sensitive Skin

Many of us (nearly half in fact) will experience skin sensitivity at least once in our lives, either temporarily or more on-going. Some of us just have genetically sensitive skin, prone to conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis and eczema; and some of us will experience sensitized skin over summer from sun exposure, excess alcohol, and chemical sunscreens. I always get a bit of sensitivity from extreme temperatures or air travel, as well as from shaving.

The new UltraCalming duo from Dermalogica is designed to combat the skin sensitivity we experience by specifically targeting redness, irritation and dehydration.

Calm Water Gel

is a lightweight moisturiser that feels totally weightless going on. It’s quite fascinating as it starts off like a gel but as you rub it in it transforms to a water-like texture that instantly absorbs. As I was rubbing it in I almost felt like there was no way it was going to do anything because it was so incredibly weightless but afterward I could instantly feel the difference, as if my skin had literally had a huge drink of water. It also leaves a nice cooling sensation. It combines two forms of hyaluronic acid (my favourite skin ingredient) with cactus pear to soothe and hydrate. Ideal to use under makeup, after shaving or waxing. One of the best moisturisers I’ve tried for achieving deep skin hydration without any residue.

Barrier Defense Booster

This is a luxe blend of oils, fatty acids and plant extracts designed to mimic the skins lipid barrier, it’s first line of defense (hence the name). It’s anti-inflammatory, so perfect for those of you who suffer from red, flaky irritated skin. It’s also supposed to be incredible for air travel (will try that out soon) or following a professional skin treatment such as laser resurfacing, chemical peels, or derma needling).

The duo is designed to be used hand-in-hand for the highest level of soothing and protection from sensitive skin. After cleansing and spritzing on toner, you just apply a few drops of the barrier defense booster by rubbing together in your palms and pressing gently into the face. Then apply the calm water gel in the same way on top. You can also mix together if you’re more about a one-step life.

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