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Trilogy Very Gentle Range

Photo by Dave Richards | Model Eden Bristowe | Makeup + Hair by Grayson Coutts | no retouching

So I worked on a campaign shoot for Trilogy a while ago to launch their new Very Gentle sensitive range, which has been released recently and I’m very excited about this campaign. Trilogy don’t retouch the skin in their images at all, which is very refreshing, but it did mean that the pressure was on! Lucky for me the model was gorgeous and the photographer was exceptional as well.

If you suffer from sensitive skin, I know it can be a challenge trying to find a range that won’t exacerbate the conditions, let alone actual rid yourself of them entirely. There are so many potential triggers from skin irritants like fragrance, as well as stress, hormonal changes or even seasonal changes. So for those of you who find sensitivity an issue, you really want to source products which limit the number of ingredients used, and ideally use ingredients from natural sources.

The reviews online for the Trilogy Sensitive range have been full of praise from sensitive skin sufferers, in particular the cleanser and the Hydra-Mask (the perfect restorative counter part to one of my weekly home-made charcoal masques). The key ingredient throughout the range is Maqui berry, new super-oil high in essential fatty acid, which protects against cell damage and reduces redness and inflammation. You might also see Syricalm listed on the back, their new signature botanical complex, which also targets redness and sensitivity, and restores natural function to the skin’s barrier.

Personally I am in love with the Very Gentle Calming Serum, which is a delight to use morning and night. It’s so light and soothing and absorbs quickly. I also like the Very Gentle Restoring Oil which protects against free-radical damage with essential fatty acids and Omega-7. I use the serum under my moisturiser in the morning, and then underneath the oil at night. Honestly, start using a face oil at night (just a couple drops pressed into the skin) and you will thank me.

In addition to being great for sensitive skin, I also love that the range is certified natural, fragrance free, is not tested on animals, is made of recyclable packing, and is non GMO.

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