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The Non-Surgical way to Slim your Face

Contouring has taken the world by storm over the last few years and while learning how to perfect your makeup contour like a makeup artist on the daily can be a worthy skill in itself, it does take practice and time, plus it can only realistically achieve so much. That’s why people having been turning to a non-surgical cosmetic procedure for more permanent and significant results.

Injecting Botox into any muscle causes the muscle to stop working and eventually shrink in size. Usually we use Botox to treat and prevent lines and wrinkles on the face but another popular cosmetic use for it is altering the shape of the face, particularly your jawline where the large masseter muscles have a lot to do with face shape. The theory is that by softening the hard angles and wide edges of the jawline, you get a more youthful oval shape to the face.

Before/After: Although it wasn't my actual goal ( I just wanted to stop grinding my teeth at night) you can definitely see a big difference in the width of my jaw. These photos were taken 6 weeks apart.

Botox always takes about a week to kick in after the injections and once it does the muscles will start to weaken and eventually shrink due to inactivity. You should see the majority of results of facial slimming at around 6 weeks.

Slimming your face around the jawline using botox will also reduce teeth grinding or bruxism, and prevent damage caused to your teeth, from which apparently as many as 1 in 3 people suffer. I had this done specifically to stop teeth grinding which has helped me so much (I used to wake up with such a sore sight jaw there were days I couldn’t even open my mouth), and as a side effect my jawline has slimmed down so much and in contrast my cheekbones have become more pronounced. Totally a side effect of what I wanted to achieve but a welcome one all the same!

Because you look at yourself every day in the mirror and the effects of facial slimming happen gradually over 6 weeks, I recommend taking before and after photos from all angles so you can really see the results perfectly. It might take a couple visits over time to get the perfect results you desire, so if you can look back and compare with an image from before you started, you’ll really be blown away with the transformation.

But just before you think about finding a cheap botox deal to get your face shaping done, think again. If administered by an inexperienced doctor, the muscles in your jaw can weaken and atrophy. That would mean a liquid diet for a few months! Be safe and go to a registered doctor. If you want my recommendation, the doctors at Clinic 42 in Auckland are the best.

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