Make Up Tutorial: Summer Goddess look

So it's getting pretty cold here in Auckland but as always I'm dreaming of the tropics! And this Transformation Tuesday had me so inspired for a warm fresh summery vibe. I posted this look already on my Instagram but here's the full run down on how to get the look yourself (products listed at the bottom).


As always, start with clean moisturised skin. We want a glowing, dewy look so moisturiser is essential and if you have dry skin feel free to mix a bit of a beauty oil into your moisturiser for extra glow.


As you know I always start with the eyes for a cleaner end result! Begin by priming the eyelids with eyelid primer (sounds obvious but I feel I need to say it otherwise people use foundation) to make your makeup last longer, prevent it from creasing and give your shadows something to grip to.

It's a very simple eye look really. I used a peachy cream shadow from Make Up For Ever over the lids as a base and then blended out the crease with a soft warm transition colour, then built up the outer corners of the eyes using warm browns. If you don't have a cream just use a peachy shadow with a bit of shimmer to it.

Softly blend warm tan/brown tones under the eyes for a subtle shadow and use the transition shade to fade out

Then line the top lash line with black eyeliner (use brown if you like or if you're fair) and wing out slightly to elongate the eye if that suits you but it's not a 'winged liner' look. You can also skip eyeliner if you want a much softer look or if you find it doesn't suit you.

Curl lashes and apply mascara to top and bottom.

Highlight the inner corners of the eyes with a champagne tone.


Clean up eyeshadow drop down under the eyes and then prime your skin (Cannot go past Smashbox Photofinish Clear) and you can mix a liquid luminizer into this if you have one. If you haven't already, check out Becca Shimmering Perfector - it's incredible.

Apply minimal foundation over the skin starting in the centre of the face and blending out but avoid the eye area.

Conceal any dark circles under the eyes using a creamy concealer, as well as any other areas of concern around the face that your foundation didn't quite cover enough.

Finally fill in brows into a clean, softly defined natural arch and brush a clear brow gel through the hairs to set and add shine.


This look isn't overly contoured; it's soft and glowy, so go softly and try to have the intention of adding subtle shape and warmth to the face rather than extreme shadowing. For that reason, this is also where you can opt for a warmer, more golden bronzer rather than a more neutral contour shade. Apply under cheekbones, around temples an