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8 Surprising Uses for Botox

Since its discovery 30 years ago, Botox has indeed become a must-have for people wanting to treat and prevent wrinkles; but today, more than half of its recorded uses are actually aimed at treating non-cosmetic conditions. So, if not just for wrinkles, what else is Botox being used for? I had a chat to the team at Auckland’s Clinic 42 about the most popular uses as well as the ones I’d raise an eyebrow at (if I could).

Migraines be gone

Botox can be a god-send for people experiencing chronic and debilitating migraines where simple pain killers are like a drop in the ocean. Botox injected into the forehead, temples and scalp can block pain signals from being sent to the brain and voilà - migraines be gone.

Gummy smile

If your grin is coming across a shade more than just ‘toothy’ your smile might be a bit out of balance. This can occur when the upper lip simply rises too far above the teeth when smiling. Botox injected into the top lip can weaken the muscles enough so that you can still smile but it will be better balanced.

Got the Sweats

This can be a real issue for some people and it’s surprisingly easy to treat. Botox injected into the affected area prevents the sweat glands from triggering their excessive response. It also works on hands and feet too. Note I say ‘excessive’ as a normal amount of sweating is good; this is purely for those who find themselves constantly sweating and antiperspirants just don’t cut the mustard.

Acne Away

I’ve often heard people talk about Botox being used to treat acne. The theory is that the Botox reduces oil production which in turn reduces breakouts. In theory this does indeed work and for isolated areas could be a good solution but if we’re talking a full face then you may need quite a lot which could largely prevent movement in the face as well. Better to discuss with a cosmetic doctor about other acne treatment options that may give better and longer lasting results.

Lift and Tuck

The muscles in the face have a lot to account for when it comes to the overall shape of it. By weakening specific muscles using Botox, you can shape and slim your jaw, reduce jowls, and even lift the tip of your nose up if it has dropped.

Lip Love

While big collagen-enhanced lips are having a moment right now ( a-la social media queen Kylie Jenner), personally I prefer a more natural looking enhancement. For those who find their top lip has all but disappeared over time, a small amount of Botox injected along the top lipline can raise the top lip up slightly, making your lips appear fuller. It’s a much subtler result than collagen and because it only requires tiny amounts of botox, it’s actually relatively affordable.

Better Blow Dry

Because botox injected into the forehead can reduce sweating, it can also make your blow drys at the salon last longer since the roots of the hair stay cleaner for longer. While as a pleasant side effect that’s all well and good, I wouldn’t recommend having extra applied purely for that purpose. An excess of botox in the forehead can make the brow drop. Better to go lightly with the injections and only get what you really need done.

The Daily Grind

Grinding your teeth is awful for a number of reasons (with which I am very familiar) and yet more and more people are reporting teeth grinding as an issue. The more you grind, the stronger the masseter muscles in your face become, and over time this will make your jawline wider and bulkier as the muscles get bigger. A skilled doctor can inject Botox into the area, which shrinks the muscle and narrows the jawline. Although this was a pleasant side effect for me (I really just wanted to stop grinding my teeth) I can personally attest to this one! Your cheeks will appear more lifted, your jawline slimmer, plus no more pain and longterm damaging effects from teeth grinding!

While a lot of people out there are offering Botox, many of these procedures require an extremely in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy and for that reason, if you’re going to investigate any of these treatments, I strongly recommend you visit a qualified doctor to administer the treatment. Personally I think the doctors at Clinic 42 are exceptional (I see Dr Ellen myself). The whole team is incredibly knowledgable and skilled at creating more natural looking cosmetic enhancements rather than that obviously plumped and frozen look you sometimes see. Each to their own no doubt but personally I’m all about that refreshed and naturally youthful look.

Clinic 42

321 Manukau Road,

Epsom, Auckland

09 638 4242

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