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Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift

A small amount of stress can be a good thing; in fact I work better under a mild to moderate amount of pressure. When we feel stressed our bodies produce a hormone called cortisol, which gives us that immediate boost of motivation and energy. A little bit of this is obviously great but prolonged exposure is known to lead to chronic health issues and pretty quickly begins to show on the outside too. We’ve all looked in the mirror after a big night out and realised there’s just not enough concealer in the world today!

Now obviously if stress is taking over your life you need to address it, change your lifestyle and find balance again for the good of your health. However, for those times of temporary stress, this new little launch from dermalogica could be worth keeping on standby.

Stress Positive Eye Lift is a cream-gel eye masque designed to reduce puffiness, dark circles, and other signs of stress in the eye area. You know how your eyes often feel hot when you’re tired? Well they thought about that by making the applicator a metal tip which instantly cools (especially on the cold mornings we’ve been having) and soothes the skin when you’re applying the gel. It’s easy to apply - just smooth on a generous amount of product around your eye area, leave on for 3 to 5 minutes (do your eye makeup or have breakfast), and then massage in the excess.

Since the skin around your eyes is a lot thinner than the rest of your face, it’s quick to become dull and dehydrated. Stress Positive contains a blend of fermented yeast and Hyaluronic Acid (my favourite ingredient) to give the skin a lifted and hydrated appearance. Arctic Algae will reduce puffiness, and Wild Indigo Seed extract brightens and diminishes the appearance of under-eye circles.

I’ve been using an eye cream since I was 18 because many many years ago someone warned me that your eyes and lips are the first parts of your face to show premature ageing and it just stuck with me so I was onto it early. But I really enjoyed using this in particular. I think it’s the cooling/soothing sensation that really speaks to me. It’d be so good for perking up your skin after a long flight or an all nighter!

Where does eye cream fit into your makeup routine? I apply after cleansing and before moisturiser, then allow it to settle while you do you eye makeup, then go ahead and apply concealer etc under the eyes.

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