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Wedding Day Makeup Essentials

I love wedding season which is a good thing because it’s hands down my busiest time of the year. And because I average about 50-60 weddings per season I have a pretty good idea on what the essentials are for making it through a wedding as a makeup artist. It goes far beyond the basics of primer and powder but I’ve put together a few of the key things I’ve been loving this season.

Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray Bridal

No matter how amazing the makeup looks on the wedding day, it means very little if it won’t last. I go to great lengths to get makeup to stay looking its best well after I’ve left and one of the most essential products for this is a good finishing spray. This makes your makeup kiss, tears and sweat proof plus keeps everything in place, prevents creasing and caking and doesn’t ‘bounce’ (reflect white) in photos. It’s honestly incredible and I couldn’t live without it now. It’s also paraben free and not tested on animals, which we love

Smashbox Photo Matte Eyes Palette

It’s pretty rare to find a good eyeshadow palette made up entirely of matte neutral tones. This has a good mix of warm and cool tones to suit all eye colours and skin tones, plus two extra large base tones. You can also use this for brows and eyeliner too plus it comes with a brush which is actually pretty great because normally I’m not a fan of the free brushes you get in kits but this one I’ve been using a lot.

MAC Strobe Cream

Amazing for buffing into the skin to create a dewy glow, plus you can also mix it with foundation or primer to get a more subtle effect.

Shu Uemura Lash Curlers

I use lash curlers on almost everyone because once you’ve curled your lashes it’s unbelievable how much they open up the eyes. I’ve tried cheaper lash curlers and found there is actually quite a difference in the performance between low end and premium curlers.

Kevyn Aucoin blush brush

This makeup legend left a legacy with his amazing line of products but if you can get your hands on the brushes do so because these are super soft and luxe. It feels like angels are gently caressing you as they float past your face

Smashbox Contour Trio Sticks

The best way to get a cream contour is with these. You can get a very precise targeted application of contour, bronzer and highlight and they melt seamlessly into the skin upon blending. Also great if you’re wanting to maintain a dewy glow look to the skin vs using a powder contour. Just draw a few dots onto the face where you want and then blend (use about half the amount you see people on Instagram using, unless you’re not leaving your perfectly lit makeup room)

Other absolute essentials for the wedding day: tissues, cotton buds, needle/thread/scissors, gel shoe inserts, breath mints and rescue remedy!

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