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The Must Have new Sunscreen this Summer

Ok so we all know it’s essential to wear sun protection if you’re going to be exposed to the sun here but typically no one enjoys putting it on, particular if you have to wear makeup and other cosmetics on top of it. Most of them feel greasy and heavy, or make the skin oily throughout the day. Yes it’s true a lot of cosmetics have an SPF in them these days but it’s deceptive because you typically don’t put enough moisturiser or foundation on to get the protection it’s suggesting you do. Plus, you have to look at the quality of the SPF because this varies hugely and even if you don’t actually get burnt, you can still develop sun damage without the correct protection.

Ki sunscreen has been designed by the Caci clinic specifically with the unforgiving NZ sun in mind, but also taking into consideration that sunscreen should still be a nice product to wear. The SPF 30+ sunscreen is the first product they’ve brought out in their new skincare range because they say (very convincingly) that it is the most important product in preventing the signs of skin ageing.

The real difference I can see with Ki is the addition of Matmarine, which controls oil production, minimises visible pores and helps keep skin matte and smooth throughout the day. The sent me some to try and I found initially it gave my skin a moisturised dewyness after I applied it but after a few minutes it soaked in and became more matte later on. It also didn’t leave any tell tale white streaks at all.

Ki has a broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection (very important in any sunscreen, you have to have both) and because it’s lightweight and non-greasy it’s suitable for any skin type but particularly acne/oil prone skin, for which a suitable sunscreen is usually hard to come by. I like that it also contains a potent antioxidant for even more environmental protection (antioxidants are literally everything). It’s also 100% oil free and fragrance free too.

Ki Sunscreen SPF 30+ retails for $58 and is available from Caci clinics nationwide from November 2016

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