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The New 'Dewy' Skin

Skin is so in right now. In terms of international makeup trends we’re seeing a huge lean towards skin as a key feature in terms of texture, and glow is the texture of the moment. It’s important to note, however that we’re moving on from that obvious intense “strobe” effect and more into a toned down natural version of it.

For a makeup artist, healthy looking ‘glowing’ skin is almost all in the preparation. I always ask my clients if they have anything on their skin before I begin an application because the way I prep the skin will affect how the makeup looks and wears throughout the day. At the moment the look is dewy skin but that doesn’t mean piling on an excess of moisturiser, or dousing your whole face in luminizing powders. The best kept secret to a healthy looking glow is to actually use a good face oil, either on its own or mixed into your moisturiser.

Face oils have been an essential addition to my kit for a while now and I was excited to be able to try out the new Phyto Replenish Oil from Dermalogica. I still recall when I once thought oil was my enemy and sought out anything that would dry up my skin because I wanted to be matte matte matte. But now I’ve come to realise from working on so many faces that the look I like the best is one where the skin looks just like great skin, healthy, glowing, even toned and not caked in makeup. I strongly believe if you nourish your skin and look after it with a good routine, then makeup becomes not about covering it up completely; it’s more about highlighting certain features, concealing any minor imperfections and allowing your skin to still shine through and really take centre stage.

Dermalogica’s Phyto Replenish Oil is all about the goodness of the mighty Chia Seed

my skin approx 7 hours after applying Dermalogica’s Phyto Replenish Oil underneath moisturiser and mineral powder

Dermalogica’s Phyto Replenish Oil is not just any old face oil, however. It’s the creme de la creme of face oils and it takes a three-phase approach to strengthen, hydrate and shield the skin. It uses phytoactives to reinforce the skin’s protective barrier, then nourishes it with protective lipids (orchid and chia seed), and finally shields it from free radical damage and provides a youthful healthy glow with Sunflower, Rice Bran and Rosemary Extracts. It also contains my new favourite ingredient of the moment, hyaluronic acid, which is a deeply hydrating antioxidant.

To get the maximum benefit from the oil (and to achieve home spa feels), there’s a special way to apply it:

Each time you use it they recommend pressing about 4-6 drops into the skin and follow this with your regular moisturiser. I’ve also found the following ways to use it:

  • 2 drops mixed in with your moisturiser is amazing and probably better for those with oily skin.

  • 1 drop mixed in with your foundation to totally transform the look and feel of your makeup.

  • 1 drop rubbed between your fingertips and pressed onto the tops of your cheekbones for a healthy natural shine.

Available 1st November 2016 RRP $139

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