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October Favourites

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

If I’ve done your makeup before you’ll know of my massive admiration for primers of all kind. This is what I’m absolutely loving as a base for makeup at the moment. It makes skin feel silky smooth, fills in fine lines and enlarged pores and allows makeup to stay on for longer.

Manuka Doctor Targeted Wrinkle Filler

This is a great one to use around the areas and lips if you’re starting to see signs of ageing. It does have a fairly immediate effect but the best results are noticed after a month. The key ingredients are purified bee venom and manuka honey which specifically target skin elasticity. I first tested this out on the palm of my hand and after 30 minutes I could see a definite different in the appearance of fine lines, plus skin was more hydrated and firmer.

Trilogy Make-Up be Gone Cleansing Balm

I’m a big believer in removing makeup properly before cleansing (two different steps there) and I absolutely love oil based makeup removers. With only a small amount of effort on your part, this balm dissolves every trace of makeup, even waterproof, plus it’s full of natural ingredients like mango, rosehip and coconut. If you’re not a big makeup wearer this could potentially act as a cleanser too, but if not then use this before your regular cleanser. You will be amazed how good your skin looks after a few weeks.

ChapStick 100% Natural Lipbalm

This is the first time I’ve tried ChapStick and it’s a keeper. With 100% natural ingredients like Argan oil, mango butter and omega 6 and 9, I’ve found it’s super hydrating and long lasting. Plus it smells just like honey too.

Maybelline ColourSensational Lipsticks

Perfect colours for Spring! I like the texture of these and they’re nice and affordable too. Colours pictured ‘More to Adore’ ‘Tip Top Tulle’ and ‘Pink Fling’

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