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Atzen Skin Care

I recently attended the launch of Atzen Skin Care in NZ, where I headed on down to Soul in Auckland’s viaduct for breakfast and met the gorgeous French founder Catherine Atzen along with other Auckland beauty media. We were treated to a two-course breakfast including perfectly poached eggs and salmon (my personal favourite) and a very appropriate (Omega rich) choice if I do say so myself, given I was at a skin care event.

listening to founder Catherine Atzen talk about the range

One product in particular struck me the minute I tried it and I’ve been using it daily since. That was the Balance DNA Repair Serum. It uses DNA from natural marine origins and retains 10,000 times it’s weight in water, which makes it deeply hydrating for the skin. Why is deep hydration so important? The lower levels is where most cellular activity takes place for the skin and where new cells are being created, so for repair and anti-ageing this is where you want to target.

It also contains an ingredient called Seamollient, an organic algae extract, that nourishes the top layer of skin. This provides almost like an instant face lift and makes skin visible plumper and smoother. Finally it has a botanical version of hyaluronic acid (extracted from Japanese mushrooms!) and if you’ve met me you’ll know how much I rave about hyaluronic acid for its amazing skin care benefits.

I love serums because you can just add one into your existing routine when you think you need a bit of a boost. Just apply to cleansed skin before or instead of a moisturiser. It absorbs fast and doesn’t have much of a scent at all.

In general Atzen is big on combining the best of nature with science, so they're putting out products that are safe and natural but high performance too, meaning it’s totally fine to use for sensitive skin.

The product range is pretty extensive, ranging from acne and anti-redness solutions to other anti-ageing products, and even a body lift lotion I’m dying to try.

For more information, visit

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