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How to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Charcoal has many amazing health benefits. I use it in a masque on my face, on my scalp, and of course take it if you have food poisoning or even as a hangover prevention.

But the main thing charcoal has been gaining popularity for is whitening teeth. We all want whiter teeth but the cost of having them professionally whitened can make you take a step back. Now while charcoal won’t be able to whiten your teeth past the whitest they can naturally go, it is amazing at lifting stains off the surface.

BUT DON’T BRUSH WITH IT This is so important because charcoal is naturally extremely abrasive and over time you’ll start to wear away your own enamel. I see SO many videos of people doing this on instagram but you shouldn’t.

So how do you do it? Mix 2 caps with a squirt of tooth paste and pat onto clean, dry teeth and leave to sit for 4-5 mins (if you can) while you don a very impressive black toothy grin. Probably don’t look in the mirror during this time or you’re likely to lose it. Once your time’s up, carefully remove the majority by washing fresh water around your mouth a few times, then carefully remove any remaining bits with a toothbrush.

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