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Spring Makeup Trends

Burberry Womenswear Spring Summer 2016

We’re out of winter and into Spring so you might be feeling it’s time to update your look for the fresh season. Here’s what’s hot in makeup at the moment.

Brows are on the up!

I’ve always been a huge fan of brows so this excites me hugely that other people feel the same. In fact, our eyebrows are what make us most recognisable to others. They frame your face and bring out your eyes. I think credit should be given to Cara Delevingne and the instagram cult of Anastasia Beverly Hills. helped to bolster the trend of large brows that hadn’t been seen since Brooke Shield’s heyday, and However, bold might be in but it’s all about natural soft brows that aren’t too harshly filled in or defined. Create definition through the arch and thought he tail of the brow but leave the inner half softer and fluffier for fullness with believability. If you’re blessed with full brows naturally, try just adding a swipe of clear or tinted brow gel for a groomed and polished natural finish.

Balmain Spring 2016

Healthy Skin is everything

It’s all about fresh-faced beauty this season. We want dreamy skin that looks bare and just naturally flawless, glowing from within. In this case, your skin care is really the key thing, and I find most people actually don’t take care of their skin to the degree they could. I recommend cleansing twice at night and once in the morning, and always remove eye makeup beforehand (these are two different steps). Looking for a cost effective way to bump up your skin care regime? Try adding a charcoal masque once a week (you can even make these yourself).

In terms of makeup: keep foundation light, conceal where more coverage is required and powder only through the centre of the face and under the eyes to prevent smudging. BB Creams and CC Creams are ideal for this.

Keep up the Strobe

Glow is in and the art of highlighting is everything this summer. It’s a subtle, fresh, natural highlight though, amplified if you will by a soft contour. Basically skin should look like skin, just enhanced. Opt for cream and liquid highlights over powders. Even just a drop of rosehip oil or lip balm can look amazing pressed on the tops of cheekbones.

Val Garland for Roland Mouret Spring 2016

Soft on the eyes

Eyes have more of a soft light smokey appearance, almost ‘stained’. Generally the trend is toward warmer, earthier colours with lots of caramel, red and warm browns. Paired with a nude or white liner in the inner rim of your eyes, these colours can really wake up your eyes. It’s more of a way of colour rather than defined crisp colour so opt for larger, fluffier brushes for a smooth application. Lashes however are still big, separated and chunky.

Lips are bold

Lips are continuing to make a resurgence with bold matte lips on the rise. Liquid Lipsticks are the key defining product for lips this season for their super matte, long wearing qualities made popular by Anastasia Beverly Hills and the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits. We’re seeing bright pinks, deep reds, burgundy and plum, but they’re available in any colour including nude so stay tuned for a launch of these from your favourite brands if they’re not out already.

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