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Photo Finish Facial Treatment

I recently tested out an exciting facial rejuvenation treatment called the Photo Finish Facial. It’s a treatment that combines hyaluronic acid, a natural moisturiser, with botulinum toxin to minimise pores and fine lines and give your skin a soft smooth glow.

You can either have photo finish with Hyaluronic acid and Botulinus toxin (which is what I had) or Hyaluronic acid and PRP (platelet rich plasma). The first option gives more of that immediate wow factor, whereas the second one is more beneficial for mature skin. Both options are delivered into the first few layers of the skin and takes about 2 hours all up for the treatment.

Sounds a tiny bit scary? It did to me at first but it’s actually pretty non-invasive and ideal for anyone not ready to go down the full Botox track, or for those having issues with loose lacklustre skin that needs a bit of a lift. Hyaluronic acid attracts moisture, which makes the skin incredibly hydrated and youthful. This is mixed with small doses of botulinum toxin which reduces the action of only the superficial layer of the facial muscles. So in effect it smoothes out fine lines and also reduces sweat and oil production. My skin literally glowed without being oily and my pores were noticeably smaller and less visible but because the botox is a low dose you can still maintain facial expression.

Who is this treatment for?

The PRP also increases collagen, which helps build up your skin thickness and overall skin health, so ideal for those that suffer from thin, ‘crepey’ skin. And when the PRP is mixed with the hyaluronic acid it stays in the skin longer, so you get a longer lasting effect effect. This is perfect for Face, Neck and Chest, and hands but really any area of the skin may be treated.


After having the facial I started to see results after about a week, but my skin just kept getting better and better over the following weeks, so it had sort of a gradual effect. I’ve also noticed where I used to get extremely oily throughout the day, I haven’t been having issues with that at all.

What’s the procedure like?

The formula is administered via a derma needle so you need to have a topical anaesthetic applied before the treatment and then you barely feel a thing. All up it takes about 2 hours.

Post Treatment

Following the facial I was quite red so opted to have a Red Light Treatment while I was there and it literally took away almost all the redness, and the following day I looked totally normal; however some people can have little red spots for a few days after but nothing intense. The effects should last approximately six months so when you start to notice the benefits wearing off just rebook for a follow up.

Where is it available?

I visited Dr Ellen at Clinic 42 to test out the treatment. I highly recommend them for any cosmetic procedures as their team is made up of qualified doctors and nurses so you’re always in excellent hands. For more information on the clinic of the treatment itself visit

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