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Trilogy Spring Launch

Last week I caught up with some of Auckland’s beauty media for lunch at Cibo in Parnell to check out the new range of products from Trilogy. We were treated to a 3 course lunch and took home a pack full of their new delights.

Rosapene Radiance Serum

Rosapene is Trilogy’s signature concoction of organic rosehip, cranberry, tomato and acacia seed oils which is used in a few Trilogy products for its anti-ageing qualities. It’s also their first product to contain Sea Algae extract. It looks and feels a bit thicker than a traditional serum but it still feels very lightweight. Personally I love serums, as it’s one of the fastest ways to hydrate and refresh your skin, plus you can just slot it into your existing skin care routine when you need it. Just apply either morning or night (or both) before, or in place of, moisturiser. It’s also a great alternative to the oils if that’s not your thing.

Rosehip Oil Light Blend

Trilogy’s original Organic Rosehip Oil is pretty renowned, in fact it’s so popular that worldwide they sell one every 22 seconds! The new light version is designed for people who don’t need the intensity of the original oil (younger skin, oily skin types, or for those who live in warmer tropical climates).

They’ve also launched two new natural body products for those of you who want to be using natural products not just on your face but for your whole body, and given the rest of the body range a fresh new look.

Pure Plant Oil

I had a bit of an unfair advantage trying this for the first time as I coerced my partner into using it to give me a back massage so naturally I thought it was amazing. However, I have also used it since and I like it almost as much as I did with the massage. I found this best fresh out of the shower while your skin is still warm and a little damp so it sort of emulsifies and goes all yummy and you feel like you’re all protected in a cocoon. It absorbs pretty quickly and leaves a slight sheen but not much of a residue. Amazing for stretch marks and, I’ve been told, the best thing for sunburn too (a little early in the season for that but good to keep in mind).

Exfoliating Body Balm

As someone who loves a good spray tan, I’m also consequently a lover of body scrubs. This one is very gentle, in fact I wouldn’t even call it a scrub really, but because of the natural oil component, if you let it soak into your skin for a few minutes during your shower, it works wonders and leaves skin feeling very soft and hydrated. The exfoliant is made up of finely ground rosehip powder which is a great safe alternative to those nasty plastic microbeads.

I also coincidentally worked on a fun new photoshoot for their body products so stay tuned for that coming out soon too!

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