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Ultra for Men Kit

Almost nothing is more impressive to me than a man who looks after his appearance and skin is arguably one of the most important facets. Ultraceuticals have brought out a kit that contains everything an urban man would need to look after his complexion and so I've been trying it out this week.

Ultra Clear Foaming Cleanser

This is a deeply purifying cleanser with AHA. Anytime I see AHA on a product I get excited, and if you’ve ever had an AHA facial you would be excited too because you’d know how amazing your skin looks afterwards. This is a brilliant product because it serves as a cleanse and a shaving foam. Double bubble!

Even Skin Tone Serum

I’m somewhat obsessed with serums because they’re so fast absorbing and the effects are instantaneous. The benefit of a serum is that they contain a higher concentration of active ingredients than your typical moisturiser can, and if you use it in conjunction with a moisturiser (always before, not after) then you get an even greater effect (we call this ‘layering’ in the beauty world). This one also contains high level of AHA as well as BHA to even out and smooth your complexion.

Ultra Hydrating Lotion

This is a super lightweight lotion with a matte finish. It’s a little light for me as I prefer a rich cream for my dry skin but this would be perfect for guys with oily skin or those new to moisturisers as it’s non-greasy and absorbs really fast.

Ultra UV Protection Daily Moisturiser SPF 30

This is a broad spectrum moisturiser with UVA and UVB protection (very important) but it’s also fast absorbing and doesn’t leave that tell tale white film that a lot of guys get when they’ve applied suncream to their face. I’m taking this one with me skiing next week!

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