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Say Goodbye to Winter!

The season of ills and chills is over and it’s time to get ourselves back on track and rid ourselves of any bad health habits we may have developed during hibernation. Sukin were kind enough to send me a care package including a few new goodies to try.

Little Bird Charcoal Tonic

I’m a big fan of Little Bird and the Unbakery and although this Little Bird charcoal tonic looks a little intimidating at first, it tastes pretty much just like lemon water (well, how I have my lemon water which is pretty heavy on the lemon). Funnily enough I’ve been using charcoal on my skin for years but have never taken it internally until now. It turns out it’s amazing for detoxifying your whole system, as well as assisting with digestion and reducing bloating. Magic

Clarifying Facial Tonic

Trouble with blocked and enlarged pores? This toner of sorts is designed to balance and refine your skin, while deep cleaning your pores and reducing their overall size. Part of Sukin’s new oil balancing range, this tonic is best used after a scrub to keep surface oil under control and bring your skin back into natural balance. Full of natural ingredients including white tea, pomegranate and chamomile.

Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

I’m a huge fan of rosehip oil as my night time treatment. In fact I’ve been using it for years either on its own or on top of a night cream depending on the season and how my skin feels. It’s 100% natural and has incredible results, I’d say largely due to the fact that it’s high in Vitamin C; it’s deeply nourishing, hydrating, protective and anti-ageing. This is simply pure cold pressed Chilean rosehip seeds with no preservatives or additives. Scared of putting oil on your face? Don’t be, in fact it usually helps calm and balance an oily skin just as much as it will nourish and hydrate a dry skin.

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