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Bondi Sands Dark Review

This is literally one of the best tanning solutions pretty much everyone who uses it swears by it. I regularly use the Self Tanning Foam in Dark, so I was excited to try out two other products as well that were new to me. Across all the Bondi Sands products I’ve tested I find they perform extremely well and the colour is always perfect - not too dark but noticeable and always the right tone, never orange. The term “dark” might scare a few people but it’s not actually heaps darker than the light/medium range and like I say, the tone is spot on.

Self Tanning Foam Dark

I would go so far as to say this is my favourite tan. I always prefer a mousse formula personally, as I find them easier to blend out the edges. This one is incredibly easy to apply and simple to layer up. It doesn’t have a chemically smell but it does have a strong coconut scent (which I actually happen to quite like) and initially looks darker than it does when you wash it off. I’ve also just discovered if you’re in a rush you can apply this for an hour or two and then wash off, rather than the standard 6 hours. I like to apply this at night and wash off the next morning. My sheets are bright white and it definitely comes off on them but, never fear, it’s come out completely in the wash every single time so no staining. There’s also a light/medium option if your natural skin tone is pretty pale or if you just want a light sun kissed amount of colour, rather than a full on tan.

Self Tanning Lotion Dark

I find a lotion is really good if you have dry skin that will benefit from the extra hydration of a cream. The colour is perhaps marginally less than the mousse so ideal if you’re on the pale side or you don’t necessarily want to jump from pale to super tan. It has the same coconut scent as the mousse and also contains aloe vera to help sooth and condition skin.

With these two products you don’t have to worry if initially your application looks a tad streaky, as long as you’ve covered everywhere, when you wash it off it’ll be perfect.

Tanning Mitt

These tanning products are pretty fast acting and if you’re a perfectionist like me it’ll probably take you 10-15 mins to apply a full body tan properly, by which time your palms would definitely take on some colour. Normally I use disposable gloves to protect my hands but I tried out the tanning mitt and I liked that as well (more eco friendly too as you can wash it rather than use a new one each time).

I apply two coats which initially can feel a bit sticky so I dry myself with a hairdryer for 5-10 mins and then I feel totally fine.

Summer Bronze Instant Tan Dark

This was the one I was most excited to try as I could see various uses for it in my kit. Often on shoots, during winter we actually shoot summer clothes and vice versa, so when we’re shooting summer looks the models legs are often naturally pale and blotchy. You usually can’t put standard makeup on them as it would rub off on the clothes and you’d be fired (well not quite but it wouldn’t be appreciated). This is perfect as it’s a quick super fine mist that evens out the tone and gives a summery finish to the skin but doesn’t transfer so long as you don’t go overboard with it. Make sure you hold it a good 30cm away from the skin and less is more. You need to let it dry for a few mins and then it’s fine. You can rub it in after and then it comes off your hands with soap and water.

You can find Bondi Sands at pretty much any pharamcy and can also view the whole Bondi Sands range here

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