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New Clarins Multi-Active Range

photo by Carmin Bird

On a very chilly morning last week I headed down to the Sofitel in Auckland’s Viaduct to meet the Clarins team for a beautiful French breakfast (or le petit dejeuner, en francais). While sampling culinary delights we were introduced to the new Multi-Active duo that caters to women in their 30’s who aren’t looking for a full on anti-ageing range but have perhaps moved beyond the products they were using in their 20’s. They even had Clarins phone chargers at every seat, which was a true delight for someone such as myself whose phone has a habit of dropping from 50% to 1% in a matter of seconds.

photo by Carmin Bird

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Clarins. It was the first skin care line I ever used and still to this day I carry their hand cream with me (in my car) almost at all times, somewhat for nostalgia but more importantly because it smells incredible and leaves my hands feeling softer and smoother than anything else and yet not greasy.

The Multi-Active range was originally launched in 1988 (so was I as it happens!) and they’ve updating it every now and then with improvements when new scientific advances have come to light. The biggest improvement here is the new Cell Targeting System which uses encapsulated Teasel extract (another new ingredient) to deliver the ingredients straight to where they need to go so they’re not just sitting on the surface of the skin or just vaguely being absorbed into the system without direction. The range has been designed for women who are extremely time poor and are just starting to notice little signs of ageing, stress and lack of sleep.

my Clarins beauty kit after the event

Multi-Active Jour

Minimizes the impact of daily stresses, corrects the first signs of lines and boosts the skins radiance. It also contains Myrothamnus, a plant from South Africa capable of serving extreme deprivation. It comes in four formulations depending on your skin type: Cream for All Skin Types, Cream for Dry Skin, Gel-Cream for Normal to Combination, and a Lotion with SPF15 for all skin types.

Multi-Active Nuit

This partner in age prevention contains Organic California Poppy Extract, a flower that closes at night to regenerate itself, and Teasel which absorbs the negative effect of late nights and corrects first signs of lines.

I don’t actually have dry skin but I do love a rich day cream so I’ve been using the Multi-Active Jour for dry skin and it’s been incredible. Perhaps in summer I would probably switch to the gel-cream. At night I’ve been using the Multi-Active Nuit for normal to dry skin.

All the Multi-Active products have a delicate scent but nothing too overpowering and they also have anti-pollution qualities to protect skin from the damaging effects of pollution. Having my bathroom stocked with Clarins again is happily transporting me back to 10 years ago (hoping to have that confirmed when I look in the mirror too).

Clarins Multi-Active range will be available in NZ from August 8th 2016.

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