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In Flight Delights

Planning a trip away this winter? Step off the plane looking rested and refreshed with a few of my in flight favourites.

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

A good pack of cleansing wipes is the essential traveller’s companion. These are perfect for removing all traces of makeup, cleansing the skin and leaving it feeling fresh and revived. These also have a trusty seal on the pack so they won’t dry out. Great when you don’t have any water to hand but need a freshen up.

Trilogy Rosehip Products

The perfect set of Rosehip products will see you through your trip. The cream cleanser will nourish and cleanse skin without stripping it of it’s natural lip barrier. Vital Moisturising Cream is light enough to use every day but nourishing enough to give skin the care it needs and protect it from harsh conditions. And the Rosehip Antioxidant+ Oil is invaluable in protecting your skin form the harsh airplane air and the only thing you need to pop on your skin at night. Coincidentally, these are also Kiwi musician Anna Coddington’s three favourite products!

Oasis Beauty Lips and Lashes Treatment

Multi-Tasking products are a God-send when travelling and this light silky cream is a 3-in-1. It keeps your lips and any other areas of dry skin perfectly moisturised. It also contains Arnica which will assist with any puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. And it gives you the added bonus of longer and stronger lashes too.

Benefit Dew the Hoola

I literally can’t get enough of this. So many liquid bronzers out there are either orange, streaky or sparkly. This is smooth and velvety with no hint of shimmer and the tone is spot on. Mix with moisturiser or primer or even apply on its own for a more intensely bronzed visage. Literally sun-kissed perfection in a bottle.

Smashbox Brow Tech Shaping Powders

It’s a common misconception that the more makeup you have on, the better you look, particularly if you look a bit tired after a long-haul flight. A nicely groomed brow pared with soft glowing skin is sometimes all you need to look fresh. These new brow powder vials have all the precision of a brow powder and a brush but the applicator is built into the lid so it packs down into a neat little vial with no mess.


Aside from the fact that I think it’s a great idea to carry a big bottle of water with you when you travel (and also accept water anytime the crew offer it), this drink has added benefits. It combines six essential electrolytes to help restore hydration and keep you hydrated, as well as six B Vitamins for increased energy, and Pycnogenol which can reduce the length and severity of jet lag by 53%. Purchase the big bottle after customs at the airport.

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