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Kérastase Densifique Homme Collection

I think it’s likely every guy’s worst fear - losing their hair. It’s often said that the scalp is the source of sublime hair, and it makes sense - it’s where hair is born. The new Densifique collection from Kérastase raises the bar in improving hair density for men (there’s a sister range for women two).

Some of you might recall Densifique was originally launched in 2014 but it was primarily focussed on women and has since undergone a bit of a revamp to offer a dedicated collection to men too, as well as the new promise of hair thickness like never before.

The science behind the development (called Glycobiology) stimulates the hair follicle using Glycans, which are naturally present in the follicle but weaken over time, causing thinning. By stimulating the dormant hair follicle, hair regrowth can take place.

Densifique Homme

The Glycan complex found in Densifique Capills set off a train reaction, reconnecting cells and allowing for new hair thickness. I’ve used the Kérastase vials before in salon and at home and it was literally like a trip to the spa every time - total luxury. These ones have a subtle zesty fragrance of lemon and bergamot and the black and silver vials wouldn’t look out of place in any discening gentleman’s bathroom. It has some pretty incredible results from their clinical trials: after 3 months of daily use, up to 1700 new hairs had sprouted, as well as increased thickness and strength of the hair.

Bain Densité Homme

A refreshing and thickening cleanser for hair that perfectly complements the use of the vials. Infused with Vitamin B6 and a light refreshing scent, this is the ideal counterpart for guys who seek a denser head of hair.

I tried out both products for the first time last night and was impressed with the immediate body and flexibility it provided my hair. I’ll keep using them for the month so check back for an update.

For Women

Ladies aren’t left behind here. Densifique Femme Capills also promote thicker lush hair, as well as Fondant Densité, a lightweight conditioner that lifts roots and improves the texture of the hair.

It’s worth noting that ‘hair loss’ and loss of hair density are two different concerns that Kérastase treats with different rituals. If you have noticed visible hair loss but no receding hairline, Densifique the one for you. Or if you have a receding hairline and/or peaks of hair loss, then opt for Aminexil.

The Kérastase Densifique Collection is available at Kérastase salons. Visit to find your nearest one.

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