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Nano Blur Review

If those little lines on your face are starting to bother you when you look in the mirror and the idea of facial injections makes you want to run the other way, you might like to check out this little miracle cream. Nanoblur is a cosmetic cream that’s been developed to improve the look of skin in seconds.

Inspired by digital retouching technology, it claims to correct the look of fine lines and pores, wrinkles and crow’s feet, and create smooth camera ready skin instantly. Now while this won’t permanently reverse the signs of ageing and it doesn’t erase them completely, it’s a handy thing to have on your person, and ideal for those wanting a non-invasive approach to anti-ageing. Also an ideal solution for anyone who finds powder foundations always settle into lines.

Now thankfully, because I am no stranger to Botox, I don’t currently have many visible lines on my face, so I thought a better demonstration of the product’s capabilities would be on my palm (where I have many, many lines).

As you can see it's significantly reduced (literally 'blurred') the appearance of any lines; and while you can definitely still see them, personally I think this is a pretty decent result for a cream! I did also use the product on my face to get a feel for it. I found a pea sized amount worked best over moisturised skin or very light makeup. It leaves skin feeling silky soft but not greasy or oily, in fact it’s quite a matte finish and I found it stayed matte for quite some time. If you’ve ever used a silicone based foundation primer, it has a similar feeling.

How to use:

If wearing without makeup, apply over moisturised skin

If wearing with makeup: apply on top of liquid foundation by gently pressing it into the appropriate area, or apply underneath powder foundation in the same way.

I was intrigued and also tired it in lieu of a primer underneath liquid foundation and that looked nice too, though I didn’t wear it for long and it isn’t a method they recommend.

for more information on Nanoblur and where you can get it, check out

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