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My Favourites for April

I was in Queenstown over the weekend doing a wedding and it finally clicked for me that it’s definitely Autumn! I came home and pulled out all the wool blankets, stocked up supplies for some winter fires and watched the first episode of Game of Thrones. It’s time to update the beauty routine too for the colder months and incorporate some nourishing masques and heavier skin care to protect and balance the skin. Winter is coming

Smashbox Lash Primer

A lash primer is one of those optional extras that really improves your makeup game. You probably think you’re fine without it but give it a go and it gets addictive. Fast. It nourishes and protects your natural lashes, allowing them to grow longer and stronger. Plus, it immediately conditions the follicles, making the mascara you apply over the top go on so much smoother, meaning thicker, fuller lashes without the clumping.

Oasis Berry Tonic

Berry Tonic is a natural alcohol-free toner that you can spritz over the face and neck after cleansing, before makeup, or throughout the day to refresh skin. Why add a toner to your routine? It’s like an immediate boost of natural nutrients and hydration for your skin, reduces pore size after cleansing, and helps your moisturiser absorb into the skin. I also love this for use after makeup to achieve artfully dewey fresh looking skin which is so on trend right now.

Trilogy Cream Cleanser

One of my favourite products in the Trilogy range, this gentle cleansing cream contains no nasty chemicals but combines evening primrose, jojoba, and rosehip oils in a nourishing cream formula to gently (although effectively) remove dirt, oil and makeup. It leaves my skin feeling totally clean but moisturised and without that tight dry feeling harsh cleansers leave.

Manuka Doctor Purifying Face Mask

If your skin is lacking in balance (manifested in the odd blemish or dry patch), you should definitely check this out. Face masks allow our skin to access a deep concentration of active ingredients over a short period of time. This is a deep cleansing cream that actively withdraws impurities, increases circulation to remove toxins, and left my skin glowing and renewed. It uses anti-bacterial Manuka Honey and Purified Bee Venom which is a remarkable treatment for acne.

Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream

This is so deeply hydrating and is definitely one of my favourites. I have dry skin and need to moisturise my body after every shower and this one lasts the whole day. It makes my skin feel incredibly soft and smooth but absorbs instantly. Sugar Cane, Apple, Lavender and Patchouli combined with Orange essential oils give a beautiful light fragrance as it’s formulated without artificial fragrances or colours.

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