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The New Invisible Dry Shampoo

Because I do a lot of session styling at my studio and on location I often have need of dry shampoo so I can revamp hair that’s not freshly washed or has a bit of product in it, or even just to add texture and grit to an upstyle. But there’s nothing worse than that awful white residue that some dry shampoos leave in the hair, particularly at the roots which can end up looking like grey regrowth. But get onto a good one and it’s a staple in every artist’s kit and every girl’s handbag.

L’Oreal Professionnel Techni.Art Morning After Dust

This formula contains no alcohol so doesn’t irritate skin and doesn’t leave any residue in the hair at all - just makes it soft and clean feeling. Immediately after spraying you might see a bit of a white patch if you were a bit close with the spray but just rub it in and it’s 100% gone. I always blast hair with the drier after applying dry shampoo to the roots. The key ingredient SPOO2 absorbs oil, leaving a light feel to the hair and a healthy shine, without weighing hair down.

A dry shampoo is the ideal product to have on hand to spray throughout the roots with your head upside down, then blast with the blowdrier and flip hair back to reveal instant root lift with no backcombing and no damage.

A nice added touch is the time release fragrance it has - up to 24 hours of a light perfume to keep hair smelling fresh and clean too.

Overall, very impressed - it does what it says and performs really well.

Available from L'Oreal Hair Salons

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