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Weleda New Natural Fragrances

Fragrance is something I definitely can’t live without, but if you’re concerned about all the chemicals you’re spraying onto your skin every day, I have good news! Weleda has just launched a sophisticated range of 100% certified organic and natural fragrances entitled Jardin de Vie (Garden of Life). Each of the three new fragrances has been artfully designed to soothe the body using natural plant extracts and essential oils.

Rose (Wild Rose)

A floral base of rose and rose geranium rounded off with a hint of ylang-ylang.

Grenade (Pomegranate)

A spicy sensual scent blended with top notes of orange, vanilla and mango.

Agrume (Sea Buckthorn)

A fruity refreshing scent with a base of grapefruit and mandarin, complimented by earthy sandalwood. This one perfectly encapsulates summer I think!

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