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Benefit Hoola Collection

Although it doesn’t feel like it today in rainy stormy Auckland, if I close my eyes tight and stand next to the makeup lights in my studio I can almost imagine the summer. Better yet, a summer in Hawaii. Those are also the feels that wash over me when I look at the new Hoola Collection from Benefit. I’ve always known about the Hoola bronzer, as I think most of us have - it’s iconic. I use it in my kit and also on myself too. Now it’s diversified into a few other products, which together can’t help but have me feeling like heading off to the islands for a summer escape.

Hoola Bronzer

Nothing gets me more excited than personalising my own items (call it the OCD freak inside me) and this bronzer literally has my name on it! If you haven’t already heard about this, it’s often touted as a must-have by makeup enthusiasts the world over and has made a name for itself as one of the best bronzers. For me I think it’s the combination of correct tone and texture - it’s never orange and while it’s matte, it doesn’t go ‘muddy.’

Hoola Bronzing & Contouring Brush

Ok, now I admit I’m a bit of a brush-aholic: I can never have enough makeup brushes. However, that said, this brush shaped like a golden palm tree literally just makes my heart smile. I love it and the bristles are so so soft. It’s my favourite, hands down, and it went straight out of the box and into my brush belt.

Dew the Hoola Soft Matte Liquid Bronzer

At first the texture appeared quite creamy but when I applied it, it transformed into a weightless silky (and yet matte) texture that dispersed evenly and left a translucent veil of colour. This is ideal for wearing alone, mixed in with moisturiser or foundation, or applied on top of foundation as a soft contour or in areas where the sun would naturally hit for a shimmerless, sunkissed glow. Most liquid bronzers I’ve tried are either an odd tone or have way too much shimmer but this is literally like a liquid version of the Hoola powder bronzer.

Hoola Zero Tanlines

I was really impressed with this. It’s an allover gel body bronzer with a sponge applicator located in the lid for a hands-free (mess-free) matte-bronze finish. This is not a fake tan but a wash off body bronzer, which I wouldn’t normally go in for as I’m always terrified it will come off on clothes but, even after 2 coats, I rubbed the area with a white tissue and literally nothing came off! It smelt quite strong in the bottle but on the skin it leaves only a very subtle scent (not at all reminiscent of fake tan smell).

before and after applying Zero Tanlines to my arm

The full Hool Coolection is launching in April 2016

Check out their NZ website for details

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