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18 Problems Only a Makeup Artist Would Understand

You had to stop watching makeover shows on TV because it’s just too upsetting

You just can’t stop thinking how you would have done it differently

You’ve considered whether your friends like you or your incredible makeup ability

“Hey! How are you? So anyway, just wondering if you could suggest a good foundation for me…”

Your holiday spending budget is dedicated almost entirely to stocking up on makeup products

One for me…one for my kit

You have so many brushes you can only just fit them in your brush belt

And you know exactly what they’re all for

Whenever someone goes to touch something in your makeup kit you look like your face is going to melt off

Will they drop it? Have they washed their hands recently? Oh the stress

You have more selfies on your phone than you care to admit

And you even went through and deleted the hundreds of bad takes so if anyone went through your phone you wouldn’t look too self-obsessed

When a friend says “Let’s catch up! How’s Saturday?” you give them a look of death

Don’t they know you work weekends!?

You talk about skin tones like a MAC colour chart

“I can’t wait for summer, bring on NC40”

Your dream job is to be the person in charge of naming the O.P.I colours

Come on, how fun would that job be!?

When it’s Awards season and everyone is obsessing over all the celebrity outfits, you’re looking for the closeups of the hair and makeup

It’s what makes or breaks a look, really

It's a constant struggle dealing with clients who want you to do photoshoots for free

"It'll look great on your portfolio!" maybe, but it won't look as good as seeing food in your refridegerator though

You freak out whenever someone says “Let’s take a group pic!” and immediately check your reflection in the nearest available mirror or phone

You have your reputation to uphold girl, you have to look your best

You know when a client asks for a dramatic smokey eye they actually mean a natural look you’d feel is suitable for everyday wear

Just say nothing and do it anyway, it’s better for everyone

Whenever you see a great makeup on TV you say out loud “I wonder who did the makeup”

No one else cares

You’ve thought at least once about using the hashtag #anastasiabeverlyhills on your instagram makeup posts

It might take some of the stress out of waiting for the likes to turn from names into numbers

Getting your hands on a makeup brand you can’t get in your home town gives you a total sense of professional validation

“It’s from Germany, you can’t actually get it here yet”

If your brows are not on point, the whole day’s a write-off

Brows are life and yes you really do need all four brow products

Whenever you walk past a makeup counter, it’s a constant struggle to not clean and reorganise the products into a more eye-catching arrangement

Ok, maybe that one's just me!

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