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Sukin Review

I’m a big fan of using natural skin care wherever possible. Any time I can reduce the amount of chemicals I ingest I feel it’s a good thing! Sukin products harness the power of plant essences with less impact on the environment and our furry friends too. Recently I’ve been trying out their natural deodorant and detoxifying clay masque.

Natural Deodorant

Deodorant is something that everyone should absolutely wear, every single day. Antiperspirant, however, should only be used when essential. Sometimes (like during a workout) it’s good to sweat as it releases toxins and cleanses the skin, but of course no one wants to smell that happening! That’s where a deodorant comes in handy. This all natural spray combines tangerine, mandarin, and lavender with a paraben and aluminium free formula without the use of any harsh chemicals (it’s 100% vegan too). It will keep you smelling fresh while allowing your skin to perform it’s natural function.

Detoxifying Clay Masque

If you’ve ever taken a selfie with a green juice you’re probably at least mildly of the power of super greens to flush toxins and impurities from your body. This is a Kaloin clay masque infused with kale, spinach, chlorella, and parsley to encourage a clean healthy radiant skin. Avocado and goji berry help stimulate skins own natural moisture and lock in hydration. I’m a huge fan of clay masques for their deep cleansing and oil balancing properties; besides, there’s no feeling quite as indulgent and restorative as treating yourself to a face masque.

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