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MoroccanTan Review

Moroccan Tan was the original argan oil infused spray tan, and is now a luxurious range of tanning products that contains an array of natural oils like rosehip and argan sourced from Morocco, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants; ideal for extending the wear of your tan.

A lot of the struggle with fake tan can be in finding one that doesn’t go the dreaded fake tan orange (orange you glad you got a fake tan?). Moroccantan have two different colour bases on offer: green and violet, neither of which will result any orange tones. Instead they give a deep bronze even tan. The range is also cruelty free, as well as PEG and paraben free, which I love to encourage!

Personally, I prefer a mousse formula, so I tried out the Instant Exotic Mousse. I find a mousse is the easiest to apply and build, sets faster than a cream and is fairly easily to blend out any edges while being light enough to work with.

Because no one wants tanned palms, I highly recommend applying the solution with an application mitt (this one from tanning essentials is water resistant and has a velvet surface which feels amazing).

For those of you familiar with MAC skin tones, I would say one application took me from an NC30 to an NC40, so nothing super dramatic but enough to notice a difference without people knowing instantly you've fake tanned.

The staying power was pretty impressive. It lasts perfectly well for about 5 days, after which I scrubbed it off and reapplied. I did use the Extender + gradual tan as a moisturiser at night which helped keep the colour of the Instant Tan consistent throughout the week. The trick with any tan is to keep skin moisturised and hydrated so natural exfoliation is reduced. The gradual tan dries really quickly, it's not sticky and doesn't have a tell-tale tan scent to it; instead it smells of vanilla. It does have a pearly luminosity to it but it’s not glittery or shimmery, just gives skin a healthy glow.

As always with tanning, exfoliate first and then moisturise face, elbows, knees, hands and feet to reduce the pigment in these areas that tend to pick up more colour than the rest of the body. Moisturise twice daily but avoid coconut oil and aerosol sunblocks as these will eat away at the tan.

If you want to check out the Moroccan Tan range for yourself, head over here

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