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Dermablend Review

Most people have heard of Dermablend before but you probably think of it as a professional high-coverage product used only for theatre and film makeup. It’s actually celebrated the world over by professionals and consumers alike for it’s long-wearing high coverage products capable of covering tattoos, hyper-pigmentation and acne.

After trying out some of their most popular products, I can see why it is used in the professional sector, however I can absolutely understand why consumers love it too. With the advanced technology of film cameras these days, gone are the days when you could just load up the coverage for a flawless face. Now we need products that cover without a heavy application and look like skin on the screen. Generally speaking nowadays, if you can get away with a product on camera, it’s suitable for everyday wear. On the whole, I found the Dermablend products deliver full coverage but provide a believable texture, and the coverage is totally adjustable depending on your application.

Cover Creme

Good option for covering acne, freckles, age spots and pigmentation. A little bit goes a long way and you could actually use this in place of a foundation - just apply a very small amount with your finger tips over freshly moisturised skin and blend it out using a sponge. Because this is quite a creamy product, it can be a little harder to blend initially but I found a beauty blender spreads it out flawlessly. If you’re using it as a concealer it’s essential that you set this properly by pressing a powder into it using a sponge.

Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation

I found this mimics skin really well and, even just using my fingertips to patch test, it showed little to no texture. It feels fairly weightless on even though it has a medium-full coverage and a nice satiny finish. If you wanted it sheerer, mix in a bit of moisturiser before applying. Below are the swatches of 2 colours, obviously neither of which is the right colour for my skin but I wanted to show the texture of the product.

Quick Fix Concealer SPF 30

This was probably my favourite product out of the selection, closely followed by the setting powder. The texture of this concealer was creamy and buildable, it blended easily even with fingertips and when set with the setting powder it just looks seamless. This would be great for under eye correction as well as a touch up concealer to have on the go; however, as you can see in the photo below I used it to cover a tattoo which is one of the hardest cover-up jobs in makeup. Normally you would have to use a colour corrector, set that then use 2-3 skin toned concealers on top and set those again. This is just 2 layers of the concealer, set with the Intense PowderCamo and I’m pretty impressed with the result.

Setting Powder

I’m in love with this. It’s so fine and silky that it just melts into makeup and sets it perfectly. So many of my clients tell me that when they do their makeup at home it never lasts and around 2-3 o’clock it’s pretty much all worn off. Either they’re not setting their makeup at all or not setting it correctly. You don’t use a brush to apply a setting powder; you use a powder puff to press it into the face and then dust the excess powder off with a powder brush. I guarantee if you set your makeup properly it will last so much longer.

Intense PowderCamo

Intense is correct - this is pretty full coverage for a powder! It’s almost a cream really. I found this ideal for setting concealer in targeted areas like spots, pigmentation and tattoos using the sponge to really press it in but you could definitely use this as a foundation in its own right; in which case I’d probably opt for a brush over the sponge for a sheerer finish.

To view the full range of Dermablend products, visit their international site

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