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They’re Real Tinted Lash Primer Review

Mascara is one of my top three things you should be doing with your makeup every morning (the others being concealer and filling in your eyebrows). However, for everything positive I have to say about great lashes, this is one case where ‘more’ is not always better. Personally I like lashes that look long and healthy and have a nice separation to them; I don’t like clumpy, oversaturated lashes that have one or two too many coats of mascara. So how do we achieve this but still get maximum volume and length?

Use a lash primer!

Why use a lash primer?

  • helps to condition and protect lashes so they’ll end up growing longer and thicker

  • improves the look and wear of your mascara

  • creates more volume and length without the clumping that comes from too many coats of mascara

  • can be used on its own on days when you want a subtler lash just to tint and define

Benefit has just released a lash primer in the They’re Real! collection. I’ve tried both They’re Real! and Roller Lash mascaras and loved them both, but I particularly love the texture of They’re Real and the volume the mascara delivers. Using the perfectly paired primer underneath only enhances those results, plus protects and nourishes your lashes as well.

[Natural lashes | They're Real! Primer used on the left | and They're Real! Mascara in black added on top on the left]

You can see from above the results when worn alone are pretty impressive but with mascara on top it's amazing. The mascara definitely goes on much smoother and there's zero clumping. It helps if you take long sweeping strokes of the wand from root to tip rather than short flicking motions. Plus, I think it's worth saying I didn't use the actual wand, I used a disposable wand as I don't normally wear mascara and it would be a shame to waste a whole tube so for hygeine reasons I used a disposable. But using the actual wand which has been specially designed for the formula to move with your lashes would only enhance the results.

The lash primer is a gel formula that’s water resistant and also helps to recondition lashes with provitamin B5. I like it because it’s a neutral brown tone where most primers are often white or blue. Brown means you don’t need to worry too much about making sure you’ve covered up the colour of the primer completely with mascara and you can even wear it on its own for a more natural look.

Available Jan 29th 2016, RRP $42

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