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The BrowGal by Tonya Crooks

If you’ve had your makeup done by me before you’ll know I’m big on brows. I don’t necessarily love ‘dramatic’ brows but I’m undeniably an advocate for the power of a pair of beautiful brows. A perfectly shaped brow can take up to 10 years off your face, as well as add shape, definition and dimension. Regular brow visits are essential for the maintenance of good brows but at home care is just as important.

I was lucky enough to spend some time with the celebrity Brow Guru herself, Tonya Crooks while she was visiting New Zealand from her Hollywood base. The brow artist and makeup artist of choice to celebrities such as Megan Fox, Fergie, and Britney Spears. She said she loved my brows already (win!) but that she could tweak a few things for me; so, uncharacteristically of me, I took a seat in the chair and let her do what she is renowned for.

She started by discussing what sort of shape I like and how defined and precise I like my brows (I’m about a medium on the scale of natural to fleek, apparantly). She then filled them in first using her signature brow pencils and finally used hot wax, as well as brow scissors and tweezing to remove any stray hairs and refine the shape a bit. She finished off with the brow gel to set the hairs in place.

I have to say they look incredibly even, which naturally they certainly are not!

My Favourite The BrowGal Products

I tried out all the products in the range, check out my favourites:

  1. Second Chance Eyebrow Conditioner – superior eyebrow enhancement serum designed with a 3-speed vibrating brush to cover all brow hairs evenly.

  2. Eyebrow Gel – The perfect finishing product for any brow. Water and sweat resistant, this sweeps over your brows to hold the hairs in place and protect the colour you’ve used to fill them in

  3. Brow Pencil – one of the only brands I’ve come across that offers a complete range of six different brow tones. Comes with a sharpener in the cap to ensure a super fine tip every time to give you the finest hair-like strokes

  4. Brow Scissors – one of the most under-rated tools. Just looking at these made me want to use them. Great for trimming long hairs, particularly in the inner portion of the bro. Just brush brows directly up and trim to shape.

  5. Brow Tweezers – very strong and high quality tweezers are essential for proper brow maintenance. Perfect for touch ups between brow appointments and grabs even the finest of hairs.

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