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Don’t Sweat It!

Admittedly today I’m rugged up in a jacket and scarf and bunkering down for this thunderstorm Auckland is having! However, I’m positive that the warmer weather is well on its way and having just read that this could be one of the hottest summers on record, I wanted to address something that I know is an issue for some people: excessive sweating.

Excess sweating is a medical condition; it even has a clinical term - Hyperhidrosis. And if you suffer from it you’ll know that it affects your everyday life and actually not just when it’s hot; you sweat when you are stressed or anxious, in unfamiliar situations, or when meeting new people. It ruins your clothes (no white or grey marl for you) as well as your confidence along with it. However, this can be particularly worrying if you have a special event coming up like a wedding. Typical antiperspirants don’t cut it and even prescription deodorants don’t make a dent for some.

Imagine up to a year without sweating, without having to worry about keeping your jacket on or your arms pinned to your sides. Using Botox to treat excessive sweating will give you anywhere from 6-12 months of dry freedom. It’s not about getting rid of the sweat glands. The way it works is it prevents the nerves from sending the signal to the glands to make them produce sweat. The nerves eventually will form new endings though and start sending signals again, hence why the treatment wears off in time. You can opt to have it redone or not, there’s no obligation to keep it up.

The treatment takes about 15 minutes and is as non-invasive as a cosmetic treatment can be - you can go straight back to work with no tell tale signs that you’ve had anything done. You’ll start to see results in approx 1-2 weeks after injection.

Botox is FDA-approved for the treatment of excessive armpit sweating and is not only the most common cosmetic procedure carried out throughout the world, but has the highest success rate too. Some people can get some superficial bruising for a few days but most people don’t.

Is it painful?

Personally I’ve never found Botox painful - it’s a few little pricks and then it’s over and done in a matter of moments. However the underarm can be a sensitive area so if you require, you could have a numbing cream applied prior to treatment to alleviate some of the sensitivity.

Will it mean I start sweating more in other areas?

Clinically speaking, no that’s not how it works. However, it’s worth mentioning that some people who already find they don’t just sweat under the arms but also or instead in other areas like hands, feet and chest/back, can definitely find relief from Botox for those areas.

But isn’t it good to sweat? Won’t stopping that block my pores?

A healthy amount of sweating is good and your body’s way of naturally eliminating toxins but there are people who sweat excessively and for them it can be very debilitating. It won’t block up your pores; in fact you may find not having to wear strong antiperspirants (which usually contain high levels of aluminium chloride) will be beneficial to your skin.

For any cosmetic injections and procedures you need to be careful who you who allow to administer the treatment as most recorded side effects and complaints are usually the result of the person injecting, rather than the product itself. I highly recommend the team of doctors at Clinic 42 and I usually see Dr Ellen or Dr Joanna when I go. The team is highly skilled and knowledgeable in creating cosmetic enhancements that look natural and virtually undetectable. If you’re considering having any cosmetic treatments you can check them out for yourself at the link below.

321 Manukau Rd,

Epsom, Auckland

09-638 4242

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