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Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant

Lots of you will probably have used the Daily Microfoliant at some point, which is that creamy brightening and smoothing rice-based daily exfoliant that’s a true fan favourite with Dermalogica users. Superfoliant is the amped up version of that, again a powder-to-cream daily exfoliant but developed in response to environmental pollution and its effect on premature and accelerated skin ageing.

Air pollution has been proven to have a detrimental effect on skin, particularly when it comes to signs of skin ageing. The tiny particles get stuck deep in the skin, causing inflammation which in turn can accelerate brown spots, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

The Daily Superfoliant absorbs pollutants from the skin to prevent inflammation in the first place. It contains my favourite ingredient, Activated Charcoal (from the Ubame Oak), which is sort of like a natural vacuum for your pores - it literally draws all the impurities out completely, it’s incredible. It also has Malic and Lactic acids to exfoliate/smooth skin texture, red algae to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, and Niacinamide which is anti inflammatory and full of antioxidants to prevent pollution particles from adhering to the skin in the first place.

It’s really simple and quick to use; after cleansing your skin you just sprinkle a small amount (half a teaspoon) into wet hands and emulsify together. It foams up quite a lot and transforms into a gritty paste which you then apply to the face and neck in small circles. I prefer a thicker creamy paste and so I don’t add much water at all but if you like a runnier version then you may have whichever you desire! The idea of gently exfoliating ever day resonates with me because you’re never harshly exfoliating the skin but rather consistently removing impurities and dead skin cells and never allowing them to build up. You could use it either morning or night but I like it at night time because I feel like it’s cleaning my skin of everything it accumulated during the day and preparing it for repair during the night cycle.

I’ve been using it over the last two weeks and my skin has been consistently smooth, glowing and clear. If you normally have quite an uneven skin texture with dry and/or oily patches, blocked pores etc you’ll probably know this can often show up even worse once you put makeup on. This would be amazing for balancing that out and helping your makeup sit smoother.

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