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The new 2017 Makeup & Hair Trends

Happy New Year! Althought it's not my first day back at work (I had weddings on the 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th of January!), it is my first day back on the blog. For my very first post of the year I thought it was only appropriate to introduce you to the future of beauty this season. So here are 10 of the hottest new trends to try this season and a recap on some old ones it’s time to say goodbye to.

Clean Skin

2016 was largely a year for full coverage skin products and trends like baking and strobing but in 2017 the mood has shifted to a more paired back, fresher take on skin. It’s all about skin that looks healthy and natural, fresh and glowing without being “flawless” and obviously highlighted and contoured. This is where skin care becomes really important, and above all else: cleanse and cleanse again (morning and night).

Mutli-Dimensional Lips

Fresh off the runway at Fendi (above) we saw full on glitter lips paired with broken cat eyes. While I think this is super effective on the runway or for a shoot, if you’re thinking of donning this for a special occasion...I'd think twice (glitter goes everywhere)! But if you really want to give it a go I’d recommend layering a liquid lipstick and pressing a glitter into it while it’s still wet or use a glitter glue underneath; but for a more wearable option with a similar effect, try a lipstick with a shimmer gloss on top.

Gigi Hadid

Brows Take a Bow

If you’re a brow addict I have some hard news for you: that overdrawn brow is on the way out. I’ve never been a fan of the straight, squared off brows so this is kind of music to my ears. But don’t lose heart because brows will always retain their immense importance in creating a perfect face of makeup and they have always been one of my favourite features of a face. They’re just graduating to a more natural, textured finish.

Blush is back

Blush is having a huge moment this year as it’s taking over a bit form the heavy contouring and strobing of last year. Generally I find if you’re porcelain to fair toned, look for soft pinks; for light to medium try corals and melon tones, and for deep and dark skin tones try berries and wine tones.

Stella Jean | Getty Images

Top Knot not Going Anywhere

The top knot is here to stay but it’s graduated a little bit. Make it a bit more fashion and a little less instagram by roughing it up a little. Embrace the baby hairs and keep it soft and natural looking. Pair it with a very soft textured wave for the perfect half up/half down.

Metallic Eyes

Glossy lids, while always a staple in fashion, kind of had its big moment in 2016 and this year promises to step it up a notch with reflective precious metal finishes. I love this because it’s far more wearable than the glossy lid trend.

The Classic Red Lip

I feel like red lips are the one constant across makeup trends throughout the years. To me a red lip will always be in style and, yes, everyone can wear red lipstick - you just need to find a red that suits you. My favourite way to wear a red lip? With fresh pretty skin, naturally groomed brows and mascara. So chic.

Straighten up

That totally pin straight hair of the 00’s is back in a big way (blame Kim Kardashian). If you like a bit more volume, try blowdrying it straight first then taming the ends with your hair irons. Finish it off with Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine or a bit of serum (I love the Davines this is an invisible serum) if you’re prone to disasters of the frizzy kind.

Going Grey

No not hair, this time its lips. A few brands have recently released grey lipsticks and I’m in love. Think kind of lavender grey and personally I’d go for a glossy finish over dead matte but the choice is yours.

Jasper Conran | Getty Images

Peachy Keen

Peach is having a major moment right now and you can use it pretty much wherever you like. I’ve been seeing a lot of peach toned eyes lately and I always love a nice apricot blush. Peach lips also make a nice change from pink or nude.

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