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Simple Feel Good Retreat

This week I was invited to attend a Feel Good mini retreat at Ponsonby Central’s Sapphire Room hosted by Simple Skincare. We enjoyed a yoga class taken by insta-famous yoga instructor Kate Kendall, followed by an inspiring nutrition seminar from Susie Burrell, and finally a demo of the three new Simple cleansing products by Craig Beaglehole.

Here’s some advice from the professionals on staying in top form this winter:

“If everyone in the world did a down dog a day, it would be a happier, healthier and gracious world. It’s insanely good for decompressing a desk bound spine, stimulating the digestive system and clearing the mind.” - Kate Kendall

“leafy greens, rich in vitamin K and C, improve circulation and strengthen the eye’s capillary walls - try a veggie juice with beet, celery, carrot and kale to help reduce dark circles under the eyes.” - Susie Burrell

The three new Simple cleansing products

Simple Dual Effect Make-up Remover

A makeup removing cleaner that conditions your lashes as it removes mascara. It contains silk oil which helps the product glide over the skin gently. As with any eye makeup remover, apply to a cotton pad and then gently press it against the eye area for a few seconds before massaging it around in circular motions. Always a good idea to remove eye makeup first.

Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil

I’m a huge fan of cleansing oils and this is a good one. Made from 100% pure grapeseed oil enriched with Vitamins A & E, this literally melts away makeup, dirt, oil, and sunblock. It’s incredible actually if you watch as you massage just a few drops of oil around your face how it emulsifies and lifts away makeup which can then be rinsed away with water and/or a warm face cloth.

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

Indeed these have been around for a while (and for good reason) but they’ve now been reinvented. They’re now made with a trio of fibres for the smoothest and gentlest wipe with maximum absorbency, and the pack comes with a new aqua-lock feature that stops wipes from drying out when you get near the end of the pack. They contain Vitamin b5 and vitamin E for hydration and soothing. Wherever possible I still like a traditional cleanse with water but I find these invaluable for travel, in my makeup kit, and for those nights when the thought of a full on cleansing routine is just too much.

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