Why you should always have a Makeup Trial before your Wedding

A makeup trial is a very important component in achieving the perfect makeup look for your wedding day. It's a relatively small additional cost but the value it gives you in return in incredibly worthwhile and personally I think that wherever possible you should have one before the big day. But I trust my makeup artist - do I need to have a trial? A trial isn’t really to determine whether the makeup artist is good at their job; you should be able to discover this by checking out their online profile and portfolio. Look at their instagram and website, check out reviews and look for references. Word of mouth is often the best way to go where possible. A trial is more of a chance to collaborate

Don’t Sweat It!

Admittedly today I’m rugged up in a jacket and scarf and bunkering down for this thunderstorm Auckland is having! However, I’m positive that the warmer weather is well on its way and having just read that this could be one of the hottest summers on record, I wanted to address something that I know is an issue for some people: excessive sweating. Excess sweating is a medical condition; it even has a clinical term - Hyperhidrosis. And if you suffer from it you’ll know that it affects your everyday life and actually not just when it’s hot; you sweat when you are stressed or anxious, in unfamiliar situations, or when meeting new people. It ruins your clothes (no white or grey marl for you) as we

Spring Arrives in Ponsonby

I remember with very fond clarity the first time I experienced Spring Spa. It was in Bali at their Seminyak location opposite the W hotel and it truly was like stumbling across an oasis. It was fresh, clean, inviting and surreptitiously relaxing. When I arrived back in Auckland I visited their St Heliers location every now and then for a brief escape. If you’ve yet to experience Spring Spa, it's the younger sister to East Day Spa, and offers a unique and modern approach to the spa experience; tranquil pampering in a relaxed chic environment. Having just launched their fourth and largest New Zealand location in my home of Ponsonby, I was invited to try a 60 minute Spring Signature Massage. Fr

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